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The Australian government wants to introduce an Aboriginal Voice To Parliament which via a Committee on the behalf of all aboriginals, would pass on comments to parliament for aboriginals.

To do this they are going to hold a referendum on this voice which will cost Millions but they will not declare How This Voice Operates, instead we vote on an idea. The Politicians will decide how it operates when it suits them, so we vote on an open ticket so they can stuff around with this Voice. And If they get a yes vote, it will be written into our Constitution.

Keep in mind that ALL AUSTRALIANS Including Adoriginals can Already Communicate with their Local Member Of Parliament and pass on ideas or thoughts to them, so why this SPECIAL VOICE for the Aboriginals which is going to cost millions..

Also keep in mind, the committee setup by the government will be On Wages paid by our tax dollars and more importantly, They Have Zero Political Powers. That's NO AUTHORITY in parliament, so these Politicians can completely IGNORE what the aboriginals want any-way, so why would the aboriginals be happy with this proposal?

I Would Like To Suggest that in having a voice for Aboriginals, WE HAVE A VOICE FOR THE HOMELESS as They are Important people also, and they have NO VOICE AT ALL...

So why would australians vote for this change to our constitution when they don't have any clue to what they are voting for, it's a blank canvas that can become anything once the voting is over, I will be thinking very deeply on this before voting..


Well today our great leader here in Australia Mr Morrison, announced that he has appointed a digital minister to look after the near future introduction of a CASHLESS SOCIETY here is Australia!!!!  Well Well Well, I felt sick when i watched him announce that on TV today, what a sick man that he and his political party is that they would use this pandemic with now over 1 Million Deaths worldwide, to further their cause in moving australia towards a Cashless Society.

What sort of human being would do that, and do you really believe that people swallow that B.S about business need that to survive in the future. BULLSHIT Mr Morrison, BULLSHIT...

STOP LYING to the australian public and tell them the truth. You want to move Australia to being a Republic and Remove Cash from Australians. 

This is just some more steps towards the NEW WORLD ORDER, Tell Them Morrison and stop lying. Tell them why we have to join the New World Order...

People should do a google search on 'New World Order" and see what this evil thing is and how these politicians are traitors to the australian public, selling us down the gurgler....

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